Make it your mission to create an unforgettable experience.

We are the team that ensures that people around the world have a ‘wow’ experience every time they step in our stores. Our team’s mission is to keep the brand magic alive by creating a seamless cross-channel experience linked to ecommerce and CRM. It’s about delivering the right products, at the right price, at the right time while bringing digital into the physical space where people can not only experience our product but also have fun learning how to apply them and get inspired by the latest trends.



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Passion for People and Service


Passion for PEOPLE & SERVICE

Grab the opportunity to join our awesome Retail team! It's all about a passionate and playful environment, where monotony and boredom have no place! It's a place where you will belong to a team of contagiously enthusiastic and diverse people while advancing your career thanks to a variety of 36 different brands, team management experience or a unique opportunity to become an expert in make-up artistry, skin care or fragrances. Join us today and acquire new skills through our unique education and development programs.

Create memorable Store Experience


Create memorable STORE EXPERIENCE

We met with Store Manager Gaétan and Assistant Manager Anastasia to chat about what the retail experience the quirky skin and haircare brand Kiehl’s is offering.

Join Us Today


Join us TODAY

Become a part of our driven team while gaining exposure to passionate Consultants and Mentors who will help you realize your full potential. If you consider yourself a "people person," retailing offers plenty of chances to interact with people who love L'Oréal products worldwide. Many retail positions involve working with customers in a sales or service capacity, making retail a great choice if you enjoy helping customers by providing information or solving challanges. It's the opportunity to learn beyond the customer service scenarios, having an exposure to marketing, merchandising, inventory management, logistics, numerical challenges and much, much more.

Meet Our Beauty Experts



True entrepreneurs, business addicts and cosmetic junkies, we’ve got a career for you. Do you love the fact that there is something special about the power makeup or skincare has over us? Or how a parfume can give confidence and allow each and every one of our clients draw attention to their beauty and the way it can be used to play up our different features? If you love making other feel special, you will feel at home with our amazing brand portfolio of 36 brands.

Inspiration from Our Store Designer

Inspiration from OUR STORE DESIGNER

Making Retail Relevant in the age of online while capturing the design philosophy and the expression of brand DNA. The industry is changing rapidly, especially with emerging technologies and platforms. New considerations such as mobile, digital, and social media - just to name a few - mean more opportunities, more challenges, and more excitement. There is no better time to start a career in retail.

What's Hot


What's HOT

New store openings, new product launches, awesome brand community gatherings. Everyday there is something fun happening in our Retail community. Get inspired!