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Joining our team is your opportunity to be at the center of L’Oréal digital transformation. It is about always having a glimpse of the future. It's about creating the next high-touch experience to be closer to the people who love our products worldwide – be it innovative e-commerce strategies, apps, CRM.


One day with MATTHIEU

Matthieu, Director of Development and Pre-Development Photoprotection Labs, shareS with you his passion for innovation and people. Matthieu, Director of Development and Pre-Development Photoprotection Labs, loves his job and is eager to share with you his passion for innovation and people. Patent reviews, raw material assessment, applied research, packaging design, and brainstorming with marketing teams. If you are a natural leader, have a quick analytical mind, enjoy troubleshooting, are great at planning and are an effective communicator, then a career in Operations is just what you are looking for.


One day with CAROLINE

Meet Carole – Research Associate Product Performance Evaluation who is in charge of instrumental evaluation of photoprotection and makeup products. Carole is working hand in hand with labs to help to choose the right formula through innovative tests.



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L’Oréal is the world’s largest cosmetics company, due in part to its willingness to embrace digital technology. By putting technological innovation at the service of its research teams, L’Oréal offers new developments that enable the company to stay connected to the consumer on every device. Unlike its competitors, L’Oréal has made some significant advances in things like virtual makeup and geocosmetics. Here are five facts you might not know about recent L’Oréal research.



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Get an exclusive behind the scenes look at the making of the first connected beauty digital innovations. Yes, we are disrupting the Beauty industry and you have a chance to be one of us.



Learn about L’Oréal using 3-D bioprinters that will spit out dollops of skin into nickel-sized petri dishes.


Wearable TECH

For L’Oreal, wearable sensors are the key to learning about what makes skin healthy and beautiful. Our teams are pioneering flexible wearable electronics, designed to continuously collect and transmit data from the human body. Since we are most interested in measurements and characteristics of the skin, flexible electronics offer a unique way to collect data.



Inspired BY CHINA

The local development of products is a strategic priority in L’Oréal’s innovation process. Today, many products sold in China were developed at the Research and Innovation Centre in Pudong, near Shanghai, whose new ultra-modern premises opened in 2015.