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It’s that ‘feel good’ vibes you get from the opportunity to help people figure out what they love to do most, how to go about doing that and seeing their eyes light up because they have figured out one more piece to the puzzle to become the best version of themselves. When we hear somebody say 'Hell Yeah! I love my job'. That is when we know we are doing the right thing!

Grow Top Talent



Who is recruiting the recruiters at L’Oréal? Have you ever thought that your interviewer was once in your position? They have also been asked questions during an interview and have had to follow selection processes, same as you! But who is in charge of recruiting them? Mathis is the one in our L’Oréal HQ! Discover his job at L’Oréal as the recruiter of the recruiters.

HR Business Advisor



Meet Alessandro - L'Oréal HR Strategic Consultant. Learn more about the exciting role of the HR Strategist who brings leading industry insight and experience to the HR challanges. Explore the role as Alessandro tells more about providing advice and expertise to address the top HR challanges including workforce analytics, employee engagement, organization effectiveness, talent management and HR Strategy.

Embrace Entrepreneurship


Learn more about Thibault – Learning & Development Intern who has brought social entrepreneurship mindset to the vibrant L’Oréal start-up culture to make talent his business. L’Oréal is a great place to grow, discover and evolve. You “just” need to be yourselves. If you’re willing to take initiatives, bring your spark and your ideas to the table, then L’Oréal might be the place you are looking for.

Foster Team Spirit


What do the The Avengers, The Expendables and L'Oréal have in common? They are all stories of individuals combining their talents to achieve a common goal. Teamwork produces victory in the world of fiction and it does the same in L’Oréal. Collaboration is a big theme in L’Oréal today for a reason: it works. That’s why we sat down with Alexandre to learn more about it in action.

HR Business Advisor



Ever wonder about the people who make L'Oréal move? Hear from Alexandre about an exciting career at L'Oréal. Kicking off your career at L'Oréal, the worlds #1 beauty company is a unique experience in itself - and one difficult to outgrow. Alexandre shares his perspective on a career in L'Oréal, what motivates him, and what his work is like.

Make Talent Your Business


HR at L'Oréal is not just a function, it's an incubator of talent and personal growth. To recruit and develop the best talents for the business, we need the best talents for HR. Careers at L'Oreal in Human Resources are as diverse as our range of products. Explore our HR career roadmap to understand all of the different functions that exist and how your job at L'Oreal could progress over time!

HR Business Advisor


Ever wondered about the HR Business Advisor role? Hear from Vullnet, L'Oréal Internal HR Business Consultant, who works side by side with our 36 international brands and is at the frontline to coach managers in people skills and adapt talent strategy to the needs of the business unit. If you are passionate about adapting talent strategies to resolve the operational challanges of business units, building effective people-management and employee-relations skills among managers, while handling the more difficult challanges of employee relations and compliance themselves, this role would be perfect for you.

Mentorship Opportunities



We caught up with Rosie, International Learning Manager at L’Oréal, to learn more about learning opportunities at L’Oréal and how HR design training and mentorship programs that invest in skills development based on what employees want to accomplish during their time at the company.

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