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That is what makes us dual purpose great secret keepers and story tellers at the same time. Whether it's working with journalists, communicating with 82 000 brilliant minds at L’Oréal, or creating campaigns, we're thrilled to push boundaries of every channel you can imagine being the voice that inspires billions.

Brand StoryTelling



I joined L’Oréal as an intern after finishing my business studies — exchange year in Thaïland. My first mission at the International Marketing Division was working on the Ultra Doux brand within Garnier. I didn’t know much about the brand at that time, but I joined the team just at the moment when the brand was booming. It was an incredible experience during which I learned a lot about how to work on a memorable storytelling, a creative concept development, the attention to image & detail — the respect to brand equity.

Land Your Dream Job


Land your DREAM JOB

The most successful interns at L’Oréal view their short-term opportunities as more than just a summer gig. They see it as a six-month interview. Learn from Tiffany how she turned her summer internship into a full-time job at L’Oréal as a Digital Communications Project Manager.

Baxter 50th Celebration


We packed into our Baxter Finley Barber & Shop for libations from Bulleit Whiskey, Santa Monica Brew Works and and to listen to the sounds of the surf jazz duo the Mattson 2. On this night we commemorated our heritage and reflected our 50 years in the mens grooming market. From our first product, Super Shape —which is returning later this year— all the way through to our place as the premier grooming product across the globe we have paved the way for men’s grooming and give men a high quality, effective product.

Tips to Succeed



The business world is changing, and that means we need to adapt. Fast! But we don’t just want to react to a changing world; we want to shape it and be out in front, leading the pack. Here are six competencies you'll need to develop if you want to adapt, thrive, and distinguish yourself in L'Oréal.